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external link: VVVVVV

external link: flOw

external link: The Marriage


Daniel Cook, external link: Constructing artificial emotions: a design experiment

Jesper Juul, external link: A certain level of abstraction

General discussion topics and notes

Free Tools

Audacity, Free Recording/Editing external link: url=

Flan, Flixel Map Making Tool external link:

Explosion Generator, Free Version to make explosion animations external link: url=

Random Sound Effects Generator external link:

Pixen, Mac Pixel Graphics Editor external link:


Straight Actionscript Tutorials

Kongregate Labs external link: url=

Flixel Tutorials

Flixel Official Wiki external link: url=

  • Beginner through Advanced Tutorials and tons of other resources

Basic Flixel Tutorial external link: url=

  • Slightly outdated, but not by much. Core concepts are well covered.

SDL Tutorials

Starting with SDL external link: url=

  • Helpful site for people who have just started using SDL

XNA Tutorials

Tile Engine Video Tutorials external link: url=

  • Covers how to make a tile engine and add some more complex components

XNA Resources external link: url=

  • Tons of resources and tutorials

2D XNA Tutorial for C# external link: url=

  • Quick and interesting tutorial on XNA that includes some neat special effects

ModPlug Tracker (Windows only)

external link: url=

  • Program that can be used to make music
  • Download the MPT quickstart kit
  • Read the TUTORIAL.DOC to get started!
  • Also: for "8-bit sound effect", drag 80:Square or 81:Saw into instruments, located at GM.DLS->Melodic Bank 01

AS 3 Code Optimization

Actionscript Wiki - external link:

Flex Profiler Tutorial - external link: