198:503 Computational Thinking Fall 2011


  • Class Meetings: Lecture Mon 5-8 in CBIM 22.
  • Recitations (50 minutes):
  • One of Mon 4-5 in CBIM, Tues 2-3 in CBIM or Thurs 11-12 in RUCCS. Informal review of programming homework and readings. Beginning Sep 26.

Class Meeting Schedule:

Sep 8. Introduction and overview.

Sep 12. Representation

Sep 19. Computation and search.

Sep 26. Representations and algorithms for search.

Oct 3. Putting it all together.

  • Python programming: external link: PLY (Lex and Yacc for Python).
  • external link: Lecture Notes.
  • Example of unification: external link: unify.py
  • Example of syntax specification: external link: ast.py
  • Exercise: By Oct 24, to hand in. Flesh out the roadmap in the file external link: kbsk.py to complete an interpreter for a forward-chaining logic programming language (a production rule interpreter). Sample programs: external link: member.txt example worked out in class.

Oct 10. General computation.

Oct 17. Complexity of computation and algorithm design.

Oct 24. Languages in practical programming: HTML and SQL.

Oct 31. Algorithms and insights; collaboration.

Nov 7. Empirical algorithms; collaboration.

Nov 14. Learning algorithms and perception.

Nov 28. Learning algorithms and action.