Reset Your Sakai Login Password

NOTE: If you are a new guest user, and didn't get the email that gives you your initial password, you can use the section with the label that starts with "For other users" on this page to request another email. Our experience is that the additional email normally gets through.

For users with Rutgers NetIDs

Sakai uses the same NetID as other Rutgers systems. To change your password, as long as you remember it, you may use the NetID Management Tool.

If you don't remember your password, your campus help desk can enable you to change it. You can find your campus help desk contact information and other password procedures at the Password Help Page.

For other users, who have registered in Sakai with an email address

Please enter your email address here, and we'll mail you a URL that will let you change your password.

Your email address

Email Addresses

The official email address used by Sakai

For users with NetID's, Sakai uses your officially registered email address. Sakai does not maintain separate email addresses for users with NetIDs. Your official address can be any of the following:

  • An address on a Rutgers system, e.g.
  • A address, e.g.
  • An address on an outside system, such as gmail

To change the official email address, you may use the online

This tool can also be used to update other basic directory information.


We encourage all Rutgers community members to use addresses ending in, typically in a form such as To set up or change addresses use the

Note that Rutgers has many mail systems. Thus the central system is based on a database containing the address where you actually read mail. This can be a system at Rutgers or a commercial system such as Gmail. The Manage NetID tool can be used both to setup/adjust the address or to specify where you are going to read the mail. Your mail will be forwrded to the system where you actually read your mail.